The Unit on Genome Structure and Regulation is at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). We are part of the Genetics and Epigenetics of Development Affinity Group.

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Our Research

Transverse section early mouse embryo stained with brachyury and beta-catenin

Our lab is interested in understanding cell lineage differentiation, gene regulation and  how non-coding DNA elements and the 3D-architecture of chromosomes contribute to these processes during development and disease. We are also fascinated with early-mammalian development as a system to decipher how cells make lineage decisions and how gene regulatory networks are established. Find out more about our research.

Hi-C shown on HiGlass GM12878

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We want to do science in a laid-back and fun environment but with a rigorous, hard-working and imaginative attitude. We are big fans of sharing ideas and technologies, open science, collaborations and preprints. If this also appeals to you please